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The Start of A Conflict

The conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians has been one of the longest conflicts world wide since the inception of the Earth itself. It has involved many countries indirectly and has led to loss of many lives. United States of America has seek all avenues to resolve the conflict to no avail. They have deployed manpower to help Israel in managing these conflict that has brought more havoc to citizens of the two countries.
Conflict between Israel and Palestine dates back to mid 20th century. The conflict has extended widely and formed the core part of the wider Arab – Israel conflict. Palestinians have in a long time cried foul and that’s why they have won the mercies of many Arab countries who have come up in large numbers to support Palestinians. The conflict has been widely referred to as the most intractable conflict having spread widely to involve many other countries supporting their friend nations.

Despite a long term and extensive peace process that has involve many diplomats in the peace treaties, the conflict has never been resolved due to hard lines maintained by the two conflicting countries. The peace agreement is far from being realized as the causing factors have never been agreed upon. There are many issues that Israel and Palestine have never agreed upon, they include; disputed borders, access to water rights, control of Jerusalem and its territories, Palestinian freedom of movement and other causal factors that have never been agreed upon during peace treaty signing.
The Israeli – Palestinian conflict has been triggered by cultural and religious interests worldwide. It has been the subject of numerous international conferences and diplomatic envoys dealing with historic rights and abuses. For instance Israel has been blaming Palestinians for always staging attacks during the holy Jewish festival of Purim where they commemorate deliverance of Persian Jews from massacre. This festival is respected by all Jews but Palestinians take advantage of it by attacking Israelites hence blocking deliverance of Purim Mishloach Manot to Israel to be used in the festival. These has brought a lot of bitterness among Israelites explaining why the conflict has continued year in year out. The conflict has greatly hamper tourism in the region and general access to the hotly contested area.
Societal attitudes has been a great stumbling block in dispute resolution among Israel and Palestine. Both warring groups have maintained their clear stands in the resolution. Palestinians want freedom of movement along the Gaza strip whereas Israel wants Palestinians to quit Gaza. These historic sites and preserve of culture has greatly hinder conflict between Israel and Palestine. You can read more about it on

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